Our Story

Traditional Thai is Upper Hutt's longest running Thai Restaurant

operated by the same family since 2001

No. 237 Main Street Upper Hutt

Before become to Traditional Thai Restaurant, No.237 opened as the Jugglers restaurant on November 4, 1987, and became Rhein Café, owned by Wah Sewhoy, in November 1990. He also owned Café 54 in Trentham. He had owned the Mecca Restaurant in Wellington for ten years, and had learned from Austrian chefs.

In 1993 it became Lambregts Café, serving German food; it reopened on March 1, 1994 as Café Malaka, with owners Linda Hockings and Wendy Herbert.

In 2001 Café Malaka became 'Traditional Thai Restaurant', which later again expanded eastward into No.239.

Upper Hutt longest running Thai Restaurant

Husband and wife, Nareat and Chanya came to New Zealand since 1997 and worked at Thai Panom Restaurant in Cambridge Terrace in Wellington.

Since husband and wife team Nareat and Chanya opened the restaurant in 2001, their focus has been on using fresh, high quality ingredients, to bring their country to Upper Hutt.

Then in 2003, Jirapan their daughter came to New Zealand. She started to learn how to cook and cooking techniques of her mother from the start, such as making curry paste, cooking curry to stir-frying.

As a result, she has accumulated more than 15 years of experience in cooking and become the Executive Chef of Traditional Thai Restaurant. 

Executive Chef & Managing Director

Jirapan Lortharaprasert (M)


"Cooking is my passion"

When I was in Thailand, I couldn’t cook and I've never done it before. I don’t even know how to start.

But I'm very lucky that my mother taught me.

So it made me love to cook and passion about it to this day. 

Executive Chef & Owner

Manager & Owner

Chanya Saetang


Nareat Saetang



They are also happy to tailor dishes to customer preferences. This has resulted in the restaurant building up a large number of regulars, who come from both Upper Hutt, and from far away, to enjoy the dining experience.

Executive Chef

Yingphan Rodkaew


"The number 1 Thai chef is Wellington"

With more than 30 years of Thai cooking experience, everyone gave him the nickname is

The number 1 Thai chef in Thai food cooking and Thai desserts in Wellington.

Chef Yingphan worked with us from 2008-2009 and have come back to work with us again this year from May 2021. 


85 per cent of dishes being able to be made vegetarian or vegan. We are happy to cater to all dietary requirements -

"Just ask".

The restaurant can cater for large and small parties for birthdays and special events with special banquet menu.

We are fully licensed and customers can bring their own wine.

Bookings are not essential but as the restaurant is often very busy. It pays to book to avoid a wait.

Takeaways are available from the counter or by phone 045289878 to order.

Delivery is also available by Delivereasy.co.nz